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Dry Bulk Logistics:

The Company offers total solutions in dry bulk logistics where dry bulk material can be transported in standard 20’ or 40’ containers with liners. The liner is installed in container prior to loading and loading is accomplished with the aid of conveyor belt, densifier conveyor, pneumatic conveying or by gravity feeding methods. It provides protection from the internal surface of container, from pollution, contamination, moisture. Scorpio offers solutions for feeding and discharge at terminals for dry bulk commodities such as polymers, minerals, alumina, sugars and starches, food and other free flowing dry bulk materials. Linered container transportation gives customers the most economical solution to their transport needs. The solution is an end-to-end solution and is a silo-to-silo concept. Silos at the supplier end fill the containers with material in horizontal position and at the user end; the containers are tilted either by independent hydraulic tilt tables or by tipping units on the truck trailer itself. The product flows to a pneumatic dense or dilute phase conveying unit on a skid and is pumped to the silos. The receiving silos can be place on load cells for total inventory control. Scorpio has tied up with leading transporters in India who can move the containers most optimally using road, rail, coastal and inland waterway modes. The filling and unloading technologies adopted by Scorpio ensure dust free operation and high rates of loading and unloading. Cost per tonne of product move is about 60 to 80% of conventional methods using 50kg small bags and 1000 kg jumbo bags.