The Company is a technocrat driven organization and is professionally run by engineer-managers. Day-to-day operations are supervised by a core group of senior engineer-managers with more than 20 years’ experience. Customer satisfaction and engagement is closely monitored by the core group and so is project management, all aimed at meeting quality and delivery commitments.

Administration, Technology, Operations and Marketing are headed by the core group executives with a small team for each function. There is no rigid hierarchy and bureaucracy thus enabling teams and individuals to perform to their best extent with no restrictions.

Seamless communication between teams and individuals in a structured manner enables optimum efficacy and productivity of the overall management function.  Being small and compact, teams can react almost instantly to customer needs and our service department is well known for its ability to respond rapidly to customer requirements of installation, commissioning and troubleshooting.

Customer focus and customer satisfaction are the twin mantras of our management philosophy.

A Board of Directors is assisted in day to day functions by a Management Group consisting of heads of unit departments who meet both formally and informally on an almost daily basis. Meetings are short and need based and allow departments to deliver results effectively without elaborate task lists that often hamper the “just-do-it” philosophy of the company. 

All department heads are highly experienced with long stints with the company and are drivers of the company management philosophy down the line and to new recruits. A free, friendly and stress-free work environment ensures that each employee gives his best by default.